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To those who are interested in this laboratory's research

Welcome to Tomomichi KATO lab

This lab was opened recently in January, 2014 in Research Faculty of Agriculture, Hokkaido University. We are investigating the dynamics of terrestrial ecosystem under the changing climate system mainly by ecosystem modeling technics.

Terrestrial ecosystem, composing of forest, grassland, desert, and etc., is a quite large component in Earth’s climate system. Temporal and spatial distributions of exchange rates of heat, water, CO2 between ecosystem and atmosphere form global climate.

International Postgraduate Students:

You have to contact me ASAP!

I can take the students through either of Graduate School of Global Food Resources or Graduate School of Agriculture for master and Ph.D courses. For international students, I strongly recommend to try the MEXT scholarships via Embassy Recommendation.

Post-doctoral fellow:

I always need you. Currently, I cannot offer you the sallary from my own budget, but we can try to get the self-funded positions from JSPS (for both Japanese and foreigner) and from Marie-Curie (for EU resident).

Collaborator and visiting scholar:

You are any time welcomed. Send me the email.

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Climate change and human activities would alter the structure of terrestrial ecosystem largely, leading to the acceleration of global environmental change. To know the future status of our world, terrestrial ecosystem model, which represents the ecosystem’s activity like as photosynthesis and respiration, is a very useful tool. Currently, I am working on the ecosystem modeling of temporal and spatial changes in ecosystem’s activities on both European continental and global scales.
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